266948 UKSPF Delivery Manager – Northern Ireland (2023)

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If those don't work please email the Resourcing Hub at recruitment@levellingup.gov.uk with your application and/or CV before the submission deadline. Any applications received after the deadline may not be considered.

Job summary

DLUHC is recruiting for new roles to deliver the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for Northern Ireland.

The UK government is managing delivery of the UKSPF in Northern Ireland. As a high profile levelling up fund, with high interest across government, and with Northern Ireland Departments and partners, timely delivery is essential.

The team will work closely with local partners to implement delivery of the NI UKSPF Investment Plan in a way that reflects the needs of Northern Ireland’s economy and society. You will contribute to the successful delivery of the fund, maximising the impact of £127m of funding to support levelling up, promote pride in place and increase life chances for Northern Ireland’s people, businesses and communities.

Job description

Key responsibilities include:

• Managing delivery of the NI Investment Plan programme by developing systems and processes for project selection, contracting, monitoring and assurance;
• Lead development of project competitions and commissions for interventions identified in the NI Investment Plan, working with partners across Northern Ireland.
• Lead on the preparation of equalities impact assessment for project competitions/commissions, working with analysts as required.
• Manage a small team of project assessors to invest UKSPF in high quality projects promoting pride in place and increasing life chances in Northern Ireland;
• Establish and manage a programme of continued stakeholder engagement with stakeholder groups in NI, including management of a Partnership Group for Northern Ireland and liaison with Northern Ireland Executive Departments;
• Periodically reviewing the implementation of the NI Investment Plan;
• Flexibly support wider UKSPF activity, including policy reviews, reporting and evaluation.

Person specification

Essential skills:
• Funding delivery expertise, including capability to assess complex project applications and issues such as State Aid, subsidy control and due diligence, contract management, evaluation and assurance
• Programme management expertise, including financial forecasting, profiling and reporting
• Funding design skills – including the ability to implement and maintain appropriate and proportionate systems and processes for managing the discrete £127m NI UKSPF programme
• Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to plan, organise and manage a team
• Strong communication and influencing skills, to effectively engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including ministers and senior local government officers

Desirable skills:
• Knowledge of Northern Ireland politics
• Experience working with NI institutions and stakeholders
• Familiar with preparation of equalities impact assessments
• Local growth policy experience and an ability to inform policy decisions on the future funding landscape for UK government investment in Northern Ireland.

Offered benefits

Selection process details

We are for everyone

At DLUHC we value diversity and inclusion and actively encourage and welcome applications from everyone, including those that are underrepresented in our workforce. We promote equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment and a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.

We would strongly recommend that applicants get in touch with the vacancy manager to find out more information about this role.

We are for everyone

DLUHC want to bring in a diverse workforce at all levels.

Our application system is designed to remove as much bias as possible from the recruitment system – this means that a hiring manager does not know your name, your details, see your whole application in one go (or have your CV at review stage unless stated otherwise).

Your answers are randomised and chunked up. This means that each assessor views sets of responses to questions for example all candidates’ responses to ‘Seeing the Big Picture’ rather than seeing a candidate’s full application. The science behind this is that recruitment can be subject to ordering and fatigue effects and we want to reduce this as much as possible.

Most of our campaigns utilise multiple assessors and so it is possible that each of your answers would be viewed by different assessors.

When writing your application, remember:

At sift, we will be assessing

Experience (Lead Criteria):Please describe your experience of leading a team in the design and/or delivery of government funding competitions and commissioning processes.

Behaviour: Leadership

Behaviour: Communicating and Influencing

Behaviour: Managing a Quality Service

Behaviour: Delivering at Pace

There is a 250 word limit per question.

In the event that we receive a large number of applications, we may conduct an initial sift using the lead behaviour listed in the advert. Candidates who pass the initial sift may be progressed to a full sift, or progressed straight to assessment/interview 

The interview will be of a blended nature consisting of behaviour, experience and strength based questions as listed in the advert. The strength based questions will require natural responses from the candidates.

In full the campaign will test the below Success Profile Elements:

Behaviours: Leadership, Communicating and Influencing, Managing a Quality Service, Delivering at Pace

Experience: Yes

Strengths: Yes

We do not consider direct CV applications to our Recruitment mailbox – you must apply for this role via the application link on Civil Service Jobs

Please note that near miss offers may be made at the lower grade to candidates who do not meet the grade criteria for this campaign.

Grade 7 salary

  • The salary for this role is £49,697

  • For existing civil servants, the usual policy on level transfer and promotion will apply and is non-negotiable.


Transfers across the Civil Service on or after 4 October 2018:
Any move to DLUHC from another employer will mean you can no longer access childcare vouchers. This includes moves between government departments. You may however be eligible for other government schemes, including Tax-Free Childcare. Determine your eligibility at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

For further information about the benefits available to DLUHC employees, please see the attached Candidate Pack.


  • Belfast


Sifting is envisaged to take place W/C 20th February 2023with interview dates to be confirmed. All interviews are currently being held remotely via videocall.


In the event that we identify more appointable candidates than we currently have posts available, we will hold applicant details on a reserve list for a period of 6 months from which further appointments can be made. This may include roles at a lower grade. Candidates placed on a reserve list will be informed of this. Due to the length of time CTC checks can take, our HR Shared Services team will contact reserve list candidates for London based roles to commence CTC checks. Those candidates who do not wish to remain on the reserve list should contact recruitment@levellingup.gov.uk to be removed from the reserve list.

Before starting your application it’s very important to make sure that you are eligible to apply and meet the Civil Service nationality requirements. All candidates are expected to read the information provided in the DLUHC candidate pack regarding nationality requirements and rules

Candidate Pack Information

Please see attached Candidate pack for further information.

Internal Fraud Database

The Internal Fraud function of the Fraud, Error, Debt and Grants Function at the Cabinet Office processes details of civil servants who have been dismissed for committing internal fraud, or who would have been dismissed had they not resigned. The Cabinet Office receives the details from participating government organisations of civil servants who have been dismissed, or who would have been dismissed had they not resigned, for internal fraud. In instances such as this, civil servants are then banned for 5 years from further employment in the civil service. The Cabinet Office then processes this data and discloses a limited dataset back to DLUHC as a participating government organisations. DLUHC then carry out the pre employment checks so as to detect instances where known fraudsters are attempting to reapply for roles in the civil service. In this way, the policy is ensured and the repetition of internal fraud is prevented.

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