Best D2R Paladin Skills for Your Builds (2023)

Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Guide: Best D2R Paladin Skills for Your Builds

10/26/2021 5:56:36 PM

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Looking for the best Paladin build in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Skill plays a significant role in building your character. In this article, we bring the guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin class, covering each skill available in the game and the best Diablo 2 Paladin skills to use.

Best D2R Paladin Skills for Your Builds (3)

Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Skills Guide - BestDiablo 2 Resurrected Paladin Skills

If you play Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected, there are a total of 30 abilities you can access. What are the best Paladin skills in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Check out the complete guide by Toyhouze with an explanation for every single skill in the game.

- Salvation: it's an aura and you can only have one active aura on at a time, it's really great because if you just put one point into it, you get plus 60 to resist all, so that's every element you get 60 resists, it's really strong even and it also plays into some synergies as in it helps other abilities by getting points into this one.

- Redemption: it basically redeems the souls of slain enemies, it takes their corpse and gives you and turns it into health and mana, this is useful for bosses or enemies that basically revive, using this is a great way to get rid of those corpses.

- Meditation: it's basically an aura that's just gonna increase your mana recovery for you and your party, it also has some synergies with prayer, plus one life healed every two seconds. It's not crazy good, but synergies can make it better.

- Vigor: an aura increases stamina recovery rate, maximum stamina, and movement speed for your and your party. Vigor is a great aura in order to allow you to run for a longer period of time and get to different places faster, vigor is actually a synergy skill.

- Resist Lightning: this is definitely a very important and powerful ability for the Holy Shock Paladin, for the dream paladin, also for the Smiter Paladin, it is definitely something you're going to want to have for Ubers. Skill plus 52%, a nice aura for the Paladin.

- Cleansing: reduces the length of time you and your party, will remain poisoned or cursed. A nice aura to throw on if you have something like amplify damage on you to crepify where you can't move and you can't attack very quickly, Cleansing can be an excellent way to get rid of that quicker.

- Resist cold: decreases cold damage done to you and your party.

- Defiance: increases the defense of your and your party. Defiance is not too great, but it is a prerequisite for other auras.

- Resist Fire: decreases fire damage done to you and your party. Resist Fire is a nice synergy that resist fire gives plus 18 fire damage per level, which is quite a bit.

- Prayer: slowly regenerates the life of your and your party. This is not really an aura that is very powerful.

- Conviction: reduces the defenses and resistances of nearby enemies. Once you have the two dream D2R runewords, you can make this your active aura. This is a very powerful aura.

- Fanaticism: increases damage, attack speed, and attack rating for you and your party.

- Sanctuary: damages the undead and knocks them back. It can be helpful if you're it's completely surrounded by undead and you want to throw it on, but this is not something used very often.

- Holy Shock: causes pulses of electricity to damage nearby enemies, adds lightning damage to your attack. It does tons of damage, it's the most powerful of the three sorts of offensive auras that deal damage.

- Holy Freeze: freezes nearby monsters, adds cold damage to your attack. This is not really a damage-dealing aura, it's more of a slowing or enemies slowed 30 percent. but also it's a very nice defensive option, the mercenary and Act 2 nightmare, you can actually purchase one that has holy freeze.

- Concentration: increases the damage and decreases the chance that the attack will be interrupted for you and your party.

- Blessed Aim: increases the attack rating for you and your party. The aura itself is not very important, but attack rating can be important.

- Thorns: reflects the damage done to you back at your attacker. It's only a prerequisite, if you're trying to get conviction, you could get thorns, it's not necessarily.

- Holy Fire: damages nearby enemies with heavenly flames. It is a great beginner paladin aura.

- Might: increases the damage done by you and your party. This is a perfect level one or level two ability, it's a great active aura until you can get holy fire.

- Fist of the Heavens: one of the best PvP abilities, Fist of the Heavens lightning strikes your target as holy bolts seek out nearby enemies. It's very powerful, receives bonuses from holy bolt and holy shock.

- Holy Shield: used in almost every paladin build, it enhances your shield with divine power granting plus 25 defense, plus 14 successful blocking, it receives bonuses from defiance, so this is pretty good and you definitely want to have this on pretty much all the time depending on what your block is.

- Conversion: converts monsters to fight against other foul demons and beasts. It's not even really good with even one point in it, however, it is a prerequisite for Fist of the Heavens.

- Blessed Hammer: this summons an ethereal hammer that spirals outwards damaging enemies, it hits 150 percent damage to undead, that's a lot of extra damage, magic damage is 12 to 16. Blessed Hammer is very popular for the reason is that things aren't going to be immune to it.

- Vengeance: it's gonna give you extra damage in the form of cold and fire and lightning and gets all those bonuses from those resists, so it's kind of nice if you run into monsters that are immune to a specific element, you can switch over to vengeance and try to hit them with some of your other elements.

- Charge: this is actually a very nice ability, this is sort of the paladins way to get around whereas sorceress has teleport, it actually makes your character move quite fast and you can really get around pretty easily.

- Zeal: allows you to attack multiple adjacent enemies with a single attack. If you put four points into it, you max out at five hits and also give you an attack bonus, it gains bonuses from sacrifice.

- Holy Bolt: this is an ability that typically is just used as a prerequisite because of this only damages undead enemies or heals allies.

- Smite: the main ability of the Smiter paladin, temporary stun your enemy by bashing it with your shield, damage plus 15, you can't really go Smiter until your kind of high level, it's something you respect too, Smite is not super powerful, the best thing about it is that it basically always hits.

- Sacrifice: this increases the accuracy and damage at the cost of life, eight percent damage to self, first level and it will add 20 attack reading and a 180 damage, so this will probably be the first skill you put points into.

Among all of these Paladin skills in D2R, some of the best options or S-tier abilities you can use are Vengeance, Blessed Hammer, Conversion, Holy Shield, Vigor, Concentration, Conviction, etc.

Best D2R Paladin Skills for Your Builds (4)

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