Skills, Pros & Cons, Mechanic, Best Rogue Leveling Builds (2023)

Diablo 4 Rogue Class Guide for Launch: Skills, Pros & Cons, Mechanic, Best Rogue Leveling Builds

5/24/2023 11:42:03 AM

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Diablo 4's launch day is just around the corner! Right now is the time to choose the right character class for you! Check this guide, we're going to be going over the Diablo 4 Rogue class features, strengths, weaknesses, the class mechanics, as well as displaying a brief skill showcase of the class abilities, the awesome transmogin appearance options, some effective Rogue leveling builds to get you started come launch day, and the legendary effects of the Rogue's Paragon board, amazing unique items to give you a great sense of multiple gameplay styles, and what the class could look like in the end game.

Diablo 4 Rogue Class Features & Skills

  • Ranged & Melee

  • Stealth & Traps

  • Most Mobile Class

  • Great Build Variety

With both ranged and melee abilities and access to stealth & traps, and a decent defensive kit, the highly mobile Rogue is formidable in both group and solo content. The Rogue is well able to take on whatever thrown at them and whatever form a player may prefer. And with enough variety that a different build can almost feel like an entirely different class. It can come from stealth and shadows to bows and traps to poison our ice, the Rogue is in and out a job well done. And the Rogue's unique resource is energy. The energy resource is very powerful because you don't have to start out a fight building up your resource unlike the Barbarian. And it also regenerates passively. So while it's regenerating, you can plan your next moves and plan ahead.

Diablo 4 RogueStrengths & Weaknesses

+ Amazing burst damage

+ Incredibly mobile

+ Very versatile

+ Different playstyles

- 2ND most fragile class

- Requires positioning

- Highly dependable on CC effects

- A relatively low HP pool

The Rogue is a very fast class, Rogues have multiple movement skills that allow them to zip around the battlefield, but they do have access to things also like slow chill freeze and stun crowd control effects all at their disposal, that way you can lock enemies down. Rogues are also a jack of all traits, you can use straightforward attacks, you can lay down traps, you can slow down enemies or you can simply just shoot everything from afar or blow them up with heavy damage with your imbuements whether you're ranged or melee. For the weaknesses, the Rogue is very squishy, the only real defensives they have is dark shroud which reduces the damage you take by 50%, reducing by 10% every time you get hit. And you have your natural dodge chance which comes from your dexterity, so they definitely are one of the most fragile classes in the game. Another thing is that the Rogues do require positioning and setups to be the most effective they can be. So if you aren't able to debuff your enemies or use certain skills because you're out of range, then your damage is going to drop off a cliff completely.

Rogue Class Mechanic

The Rogue can equip 2 one-handed weapons and a ranged weapon as well. When it comes to the Rogue's unique class mechanic, it is the class specialization system and this opens up at level 15. The Rogue’s unique class mechanic is very versatile and can be even swapped during combat. You have 2 different options and your first one is going to be combo points. This is going to cause your basic skills to generate combo points and then your core skills consume them for extra effects. Then you have inner sight which marks a nearby enemy around you and attacking the marked enemy fills up your inner sight gauge. When your inner sight gauge is full, you gain unlimited energy for 4 seconds. The final one is going to be preparation, every 100 energy you spend reduces your ultimate skills cooldowns by 4 seconds. Using an ultimate skill resets the cooldowns of your other skills.

Diablo 4 Best Rogue Builds for Leveling

To give you a better sense of gameplay, we're going to show you some of the best Rogue builds that were tested out in all three beta weekends to give you a couple of the highest rated options for you to play come launch day. There are other options out there when it comes to builds, this is just to get you started if you want something quick, easy and effective that was tested out.

#1. Melee Rogue Leveling Builds

The melee Rogue in particular is an incredibly flashy class that just feels so satisfying whether you blow up the room with Shadow Imbuement or just rush Elites and bosses with Flurry, there were some concerns overall about its survivability, but with the 3% heal per critical strike pair with Flurry, dark shroud and your natural dodge made you a lot more tanky than anticipated. There are generally two routes you want to go with the melee Rogue either a high mobility Rogue with great AOE damage with a Twisting Blade build or an absolute boss Shredder with Flurry. Either way the rate at which this glass flies through dungeons is really uncomparable, it is a bit difficult to get used to with all the movement and setting up tactical gameplay, but overall it's incredibly rewarding. The big concern is their real lack of group utility though as a melee Rogue even compared to the ranger. It's quite a big difference which might cause issues in the end game. There are some great poison and death trap combos to help set up some big AOE burst windows for your team, but overall the group support is severely lacking other than smoke bomb which would force your team into a melee cleave situation.

#2. Ranged Rogue Leveling Builds

It is really in a fantastic spot overall, it has that immense burst to just clear out a room in seconds with barrage or penetrating shot paired with shadow imbuement. And for more of those single target encounters, you have rapid fire and poison imbuement, paired with your immense natural mobility makes you a perfect range DPS for boss encounters. Rather than the Melee Rogue, the Ranger typically has some great group utility with having two charges of caltrips to amplifier damage and chill your targets. Triple imbuement rain of arrows to literally wipe the screen clean if you need to. And you could just add about anything the Melee Rogue does, just a slight step ahead. Overall, Melee is going to struggle a lot in DPS on bosses compared to range in Diablo 4, due to Ranged having an easier time on prepping things and dodging mechanics a lot easier rather than melee being usually forced to get hit by some things. The biggest issue with Ranged Rogue is that it is quite gear and level reliant to even start to feel powerful, it's very dependent on vulnerabilities attack speed and critical strikes which really aren't that easy to come by on a random account.

Rogue Paragon Board Leaks

For those of you that don't know the Paragon board is a feature that unlocks at level 50 and is going to be a very major part of Diablo 4's end game. You get 4 Paragon points each time you level up past level 50 and you could spend them on tiles to further progress your character. Tile benefits range from minor stat boost increases all the way up to becoming complete build enhancers, there are also gateway nodes which are placed at the edge of the boards which you can then attach brand new boards to and further progress through those as well.

Here are Rogue Paragon board legendaries:

  • Eldritch Bounty

  • Tricks of the Trade

  • Cheap Shot

  • Deadly Ambush

  • Leyrana’s Instinct

  • No Witnesses

  • Exploit Weakness

  • Cunning Stratagem

D4 Rogue Unique Items & Gears

  • Daggers: Condemnation, Asheara’s Khanjar

  • Bows: Skyhunter, Windforce

  • Amulet: Word of Hakan

  • Gloves: Grasp of Shadow

  • Helm: Cowl of the Nameless

  • Pants: Eyes in the Dark

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